Sunday, November 16, 2008


I realize I just made a post like half a second ago but I was talking to KaShayla a few weeks ago about posting pictures of our husbands that they would since she has one up that Ryan hates, I've decided to post some of Quinn that he hates. Even though I love him dearly, he deserves this for all the teasing he does to me every day :)

Tribute to my mom :)

Just yesterday I was at my parent's house and my mom got onto my blog and informed me that I don't post enough. Apparently she checks it every day and there is never anything new, so for my mother I have decided to blog about her today and my many wonderful memories with her. Starting with my earliest memories I remember lying in my living room next to my brother and close to my parents bedroom, my mom was tucking us into our sleeping bags and humming us to sleep. It's a song that I have hummed many times to all of the little babies that I have taken care of at times because it was such a soothing song to me and it's something I want to pass on to others like my mother did to me :) The next memories I have are of when I went to all of my mom's chemo treatments with her and just waited in her room while she was pumped with fluids..this was such a sad and hard time for all of us but I was so little I don't remember much of what was going on other than my mommy was sick. I always made her lunch-tuna sandwiches or was all I could make at 5 years old. I loved her so much then and that bond between us has never broken, in fact it has gotten even stronger as we've gotten older. My mom was the best mother to us as we were growing up and she did so much all by herself. She did everything she could to make us happy and give us everything we wanted. Of course there were times I didn't like what she made me do but I truly appreciate everything she did and all of the hard work she did for me and my brother. When I moved away from home it was one of the hardest things I had to do because I didn't want to be separated from my best friend. I made the trip home twice per week only to be with my parents because I couldn't be away from them. I cried myself to sleep for weeks while I tried to adjust to the new living conditions and the changes that were taking place in my life. Eventually I got used to being away from home but still relied on my daily phone calls to my mother, which are still a critical part of my day. I love hearing her voice soothing my bad days, and just to share the good things and the bad things that we are experiencing. She's still my best friend and I will love her forever and ever. I can't imagine my life without my mother and just wanted her to know how much I truly love her for everything she has given me in my life :)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

After 7 hours of studying..I pass!

Ok, for the last two days I have put in 7 hours of studying, including writing note cards, memorizing definitions and characteristics of behavior all for my Applied Behavior Analysis midterm. And as you can guess..2 hours after the test started relief washed over me and a passed test added to my grades! Woot! :)

Friday, October 3, 2008

Just to catch you up..

Ok, it's been awhile since my last post..but doesn't it always go like that? Nothing has really happened since the last time you heard from me, if you can believe that :) School has just gotten more monotonous, more stressful, and much more boring :) But things seem to be going well, Quinn and I are both doing well in our classes and we can't really complain. This is a picture of us when we very first started dating..oh cute :) Yesterday was our 1 year anniversary from our first date so we re-created it and went and played pool on the same table that we did one year ago. When we got there Quinn's reply was, "So this is where the torture all started." I'm glad to know he loves me and that he cherishes our memories :) It was a fun night though, I really enjoyed myself and I think he did too. He kicked my heiny in pool and won every game - minus the two games that he hit the cue ball and the 8 ball in at the end and I won by default..hooray for me..unfortunately those were the only two games that we didn't bet on. The other games we had bet on who did the laundry and other such things and I lost every I have to do all the laundry and bake him brownies. I've decided I'm never betting on pool again.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Quinn's Birthday, Babysitting, and a whole lot more!

So Wednesday was Quinn's birthday, the big 27..isn't he old :) Haha, I'm just kidding, he's only 6 1/2 years my senior and he still acts my age! Honey if you're reading this I love you! Anyways I had the whole day planned out..I was going to throw confetti all over the house with hershey kisses and hugs, as well as a few snickers bite size candies too. The whole plan was that Quinn would come home from work at 5 and be surprised but I wouldn't be home..unfortunately he informed me that he would be home from work at 1 while I was still my plan was not going to be much of a surprise anymore. Needless to say, I still confettied the house and he was surprised. Then I gave him a movie that he seemed completely disinterested in..oh poo. I felt terrible. Next on the list of terribleness I had bought a nice little outfit to wear for him when he got broke. Then the cake that I made him was two layered and the top layer slid off because I frosted it too soon. Then it seemed like he wasn't too thrilled with the Wii game I gave him...could this night get any worse! Yes, it can. I had to eat pizza and I hate pizza! Quinn's favorite food is pizza and I wanted his day to be perfect so I ordered pizza...the delivery time was an hour and 20 minutes! So once again he wasn't surprised by dinner when we had to drive to the restaurant to pick it up. All in all the day was a disaster, for me at least. Quinn seemed to enjoy himself completely despite my terrible efforts to make his day perfect! Sorry honey that it wasn't everything I hoped it would be..I hope you enjoyed your day!

On with the week, today I got to babysit Tristan again! Woohoo! I love spending every second I can with him! My mom keeps complaining about how she has no pictures of him so I decided to take a few myself. My camera is terrible so some came out blurry but they're still cute nonetheless. Here are a few of my favorites:

I love this picture..isn't he so fat and rolley polley?

Check out those man boobs! Isn't his grin adorable!

Doesn't he look so lazy right here? Oh I love him :)

School is going much better now that I have figured out the schedule and when each assignment, quiz, and test are. It's still pretty stressful though. I've been trying to find a job on top of all that too and I have been having such a hard time. It's frustrating that we're just married, in school, and poor as dirt and I can't find a job that works with my schedule and pays enough. I guess those are the joys of being married though right? Hopefully this is helping us gain some experience that will help us out later...but right now I don't want to deal with it any longer! Hooray for graduating in a year!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

School. That's all..

Hopefully you catch my annoyance of school from the title of today's blog. I feel like I'm buried over my head in homework already and it's only been a week. Quinn is the same way. I guess now we're married to school because we hardly find time for each other and when we do we're too tired or grumpy to want to do anything. Only another year though right? I'm writing today mainly for Lacey and KaShayla so that they have something new to read..apparently watching me being hypnotized was getting boring and old :) Speaking of Lacey and KaShayla..I can't view your blogs..are you ever going to invite me? I know one of you has my email address..I'm feeling kind of out of the loop here guys. This weekend we had plans to fix Quinn's mountaineer and I was going to get my car registered in Brigham City. I was on my way home to get Quinn, who was car-less, and what does my car decide to do? Squeal and smoke and break a belt. So now Quinn is still car-less, with no ride home, and I have no 90 degree weather. As frustrating as it sounds it gets worse..I had gone in earlier that day to get a mystic tan and was reminded not to get wet for the next 3-4 hours...I'm sure you've figured it out by now that while I was in my 90 degree car with no AC I was sweating to death and I sweat off my new mystic tan...So it's back to being white again. Oh well, it could have been worse, right? Anyways, the weekend got better when we went to Rupert and got fresh veggies from Ed and Alpha and we dug up some potatoes of our own. The food and the company were definite comforts for my added stress and the weekend turned out to be a success after all.

Sunday, August 17, 2008


So Saturday night Quinn and I along with Erica, Dave, the kids, and Connie and Doug all went to the western Idaho fair. While we were there the kids wanted to go see the hypnotist. I have always wanted to be hypnotized but never had the guts or never got picked. This time it happened and I went completely under! According to everyone I was the star of the show. I even got stopped at other parts of the fair later on that night and got asked if I was that girl who was hypnotized..they referred to me as the star, so there were no biased opinions. Here are just a few videos of things I did, sorry they're a little fuzzy they were taken on Quinn's phone.

This is one of me falling asleep. He would say "SLEEP NOW!" and I would become completely limp and fall over. I apparently fell into the lap of the man sitting next to me..oops.

In this video I was the winner of 10 million dollars..I was SO EXCITED! I remember a lot of what went on and at that time I couldn't do anything but scream :)

After I had won my 10 million dollars this is what I was going to do..

I was asked to count my fingers but the number 5 was erased from my memory so this is how I ended up counting..

When I was asked to return to my seat my feet weighed 200 pounds and there was no way I was moving them.

This was more towards the end of the show and there wasn't much more that happened that was post-worthy. If you want to see the rest of them you'll just have to make a visit to Logan and we'll show you the rest of the show and maybe if you're nice we'll feed you too :)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

8 Days

I really can't wait for these next 8 days to pass. It's not that I hate living here, it's just that I miss everything I'm comfortable with and my family, all of whom I'm extremely close with. I'm looking forward to school starting as well as looking forward to finally having a place of our own. We are so grateful to Dave and Erica for being SO kind and letting us stay at their house all summer long, they have been very hospitable and we can't thank them enough for all they have done for us...but..we just want our own place so that we can finally be completely married. For some reason it just seems like we haven't truly experienced what married life can be like while living with other people. It will be nice to have everything be ours, to have it be our home, and to be able to have our own rules of conduct :) It's been a little frustrating trying to find a couch, nightstands, a dresser..etc., so if anyone has any spares lying around you know who needs them! Please don't hesitate to share them :) Tristan's blessing went really well, Quinn did such a wonderful job and gave a beautiful blessing. I, of course, bawled like I do so much of lately. I knew he would do great though because he is great :) I love him so much more than I did just a few short months ago..I can only imagine how much that will grow as the years pass and we get to know each other even better. :)

Monday, August 4, 2008

Breaking Dawn..Don't worry I'm not giving it away!

I feel like such a high school dweeb. Friday night I went and stood for an hour waiting for a book among a crowd of love struck high school girls who are infatuated with a fictional character. The sad thing is that I was just as excited to get the book as they were..I can't believe I'm admitting this. I kept complaining of how stupid each girl was being and how annoyed I was of each of them..only to find myself doing exactly what they were doing in the safety of my own car..oh well, I just got out of my teenage years just last year :) Things have been going much better and worse since my last post. The temple finally reopened so Quinn and I were able to go and do a session that, to my relief, calmed and filled me with the peace and comfort I was so desperately seeking. Then I had a meltdown to Quinn the next night and everything has been better since. I'm just finding things to keep myself occupied rather than feeling lonely. Today I baked a loaf of bread and of course I have my teenage heart throb book to keep me entertained as well. Don't think that I'm not counting down the days until we move back to my place where comfort is abundant though..18 to go and counting! We'll also be heading down to Utah this weekend for Tristan's blessing, that Quinn is giving to him..and is very much nervous about..I think he'll do great despite his nerves :) Speaking of Tristan I forgot to post some of his pictures with my last here they are, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Happiness mixed with boredom

Have you ever wondered if you've found true happiness? I didn't know if I ever would, but I know I have now. In the past 2 months I have become a wife and an aunt and my life couldn't be any better! (Except moving back to Utah). I love my wonderful nephew Tristan, he brings so much joy to my life and I hardly get to see him! What a beautiful ball of joy he is! Quinn is better than I could ask for, he takes care of me just like I need and he's cute on top of it all! I only wish he'd get home from work sooner. I work as a Developmental Technician taking care of a cute little 3 year old boy with autism. I love working with him but I get off of work so early that I have 6 hours to sit at home and wait for Quinn to get here :( But I guess I get things done. Today I did the laundry and cleaned our room and bathroom, but that's boring stuff! I'm just looking forward to the time when we'll be living on our own and be back in Utah. Then I'll be constantly busy and won't have time to do all that boring stuff :)