Monday, December 12, 2011

It's been awhile...

.....since my last post.  But I have some reeeally good excuses. 

1.  I'm pregnant. We all know what that entails..nausea, vomiting, extreme exhaustion, and in my case this time around, major headaches.  Combine this with an overly active 18 month old and you will begin to understand my lack of writing.  But I'm 1 week away from my 2nd trimester and things are easing up dramatically (except for the headaches..sympathy is welcome) hopefully the writing picks up again.


2.  Once Sage turned one, I really just skipped out on the monthly updates. 

So now, I'm going to write about monthly updates and Sages..with some pictures of course.

This month has been fairly exciting and different than most months, really.  We set up Christmas, which Sage loved and was confused about at the same time.  We heard a sweet, yet strong, tender little heartbeat, and we've finally cut out the binky from Sage's daily routine.  Phew.  That was a lot.
Chillin.  While watching Tangled of course.

The diva.  What's more stylish than sunglasses and an elmo phone?

Here's the rundown.

Last appointment Sage finally got out of the "underweight" category and measured at the very bottom of the curve.  This is such exciting news because she has always been considered underweight. 
At 18 months she weighs just under 22 pounds and is 33 1/2 inches long. 
She still comfortably wears 12 month clothes and some 9 month onesies.  And is slowly creeping up to a size 5 shoe..but still fits in all of her 4's and some of her 3's.
I still worry about her small, petite size and her lack of appetite, but she's growing strong and healthy and is a very active and happy (most of the time) little girl.

Sage now has 14 of her 16 baby teeth with one more on the way.  Woot!  One more tooth to go and then all we have to worry about are her two year molars.  Oh, how we dread that day.  Her teething has been fairly manageable with the exception of her first 4 hopefully her molars don't cause too much discomfort for her (or me, for that matter).

We're still struggling to find food that Sage really likes and will stuff herself on.  Currently, her favorites are eggs, gerber cheese puffs, freeze dried fruits/veggies, and chocolate.  Give her any of these and she'll pretty much eat most of what you give her.  However, it's still a fight to get her to sit down, finish a meal, and get full.  She's usually too active or uninterested to eat and therefore has maintained such a low weight.  The doctor doesn't seem too concerned so we'll just keep doing what we're doing and hopefully one day she'll learn the joy that comes from eating ;).

It seems like all of the sudden Sage really wants to talk to us.  She jibbers and jabbers for everything and most of it we don't understand.  However, she does have a wide range of words we do understand.  Every morning she wakes up, points to the living room and says "on" so we will turn on the Christmas tree lights.  Anything that gets turned on, she points to and says on.  She also says up, off, please, thank you, grandpa (pumpa..suuper cute), nana, kitty, meow, dada, mama, uh-huh, uh-oh, no No NO, hi, and bye.  And if there is something she wants but can't say she'll come get us and take us to what she wants or point to what she wants.
And as for understanding things, she practically knows everything we ask/tell her to do.  She'll go get a diaper/wipes for us, she throws things away, she goes to time out, goes to her room, gets her blanket, goes to the bathroom to take a bath, gets my phone, gets her milk, gets a cup for treats, responds to yes/no questions, gives loves when asked, gets her coat, cleans up her toys, puts things back where she got get the idea.  She understands EVERYTHING.  It's seriously so nice to be able to talk to her and have her get what we're saying!

Awesome things you do right now:
We've been one entire week without a binky.  Seriously, this is a HUGE accomplishment.  Sage had to have her binky for naptime and bedtime without fail, every day.  Finally, after multiple failed attempts, I cut the end off of her last binky, gave her a new stuffed animal to take to bed with her and that was all it took.  Granted, the first few days weren't pretty, but now she goes to bed with a little cry and she's out.
Awesome job baby girl! 
And she loooooves grandpa Doug and her nana.  I don't know what it is about those two that she loves SO much but she can't get enough of them when they're around.  Here's a picture (or two) to prove it.

I really can't believe that my baby is going to be a sister and that she's old enough to do all that she's doing right now.  I really love the age she's at right now and can't wait to see what more she has in store for us.

Wow, that was long and wordy, congrats if you made it through.

And sorry if i bored you to death.

Your fault for reading it all, I guess.

Over and out.

Merry Christmas!

Ok, really.  Bye.

Thursday, November 3, 2011


Last year at this time I thought Sage's Halloween costume was SO cute.  But it didn't stand a chance compared to this year's costume.

Compliments of my amazing mother.

And as usual, they are all blurry.  But this time you can blame Quinn.  He took the first two.  And the last one is blurry because that wig came off about as fast as it went I had to hurry. 

But the blurry pictures aren't what matters.  Doesn't she look SO stinking cute?!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Suga Suga Suga Coooookies.

Today has been a great day, and I mean reeeallly great.  Quinn has been gone to Boise for the past two days and rather than be miserable that he's gone, we've really lived it up.  Yesterday we went out to lunch together and went shopping and today we've read books, watched a movie, ate LOTS of treats, and, you guessed it, made sugar cookies.  

It's been so fun watching Sage talk and play lately.  She's really getting animated in the things she says and does and it's hilarious to watch.  She does everything I do and loves to do things with me that I usually wouldn't let her do. 

Like sit on the table and help me make sugar cookies.  It's evident in the pictures that she loved helping me.  Take a look.

Spreading out the flour.

Rollin the dough.

Who doesn't like little fingers in their cookies?

Mmm..don't mind if I do.

She loved the cookie dough..but seriously..who doesn't?

Flour power.

All done mom!

Helping clean up..until....

...She spotted the frosting top.

Because who doesn't love a little frosting?

Or in Sage's case..a LOT of frosting?

Then we got back to cleaning up.

Can you tell which ones Sage helped cut out?

We finished off our cookies with little orange frosting and some reese's pieces.  It's so fun teaching Sage to cook and if I can just get her to do it all the time.  Then I'll be set. :)

Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Soda Girl

This girl loves soda.  Now, all you mothers out there, don't go accusing me of being a bad parent.  She only gets it on occasion and it's only a little bit.  She knows what the good stuff is and here is proof.




No soda was consumed in this photo shoot.  The can wasn't even opened, but somehow she got her fill.

Thursday, September 22, 2011 you believe in it?

When I was in junior high I remember a hypnotist coming and doing an assembly for us.  I wanted to be chosen to go on stage SO bad, but didn't get the chance.  I vividly remember him putting the whole audience under but he warned us that if we didn't believe in hypnosis it wouldn't work.

Guess what?

It didn't work for me.

However, a few years ago, when Quinn and I were first married, we went to a hypnotist show and guess who got chosen out of the audience to go up?

Yup.  You guessed it.  Yours truly.  And it worked.

So I posted about this right after it happened, when I didn't have any readers. (Do I have readers now?)

If you'd like to watch ME under hypnosis (videos are terrible but still comical) go here.

And leave some comments..because, well, I'm funny and you want to tell me about it.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Today is..

..the day Sage almost got...-gulp-...{beaten}.  

Did I just say that?  

Yes, in fact I did.

Here I was brushing my teeth, like I do most mornings, and Sage was off playing by herself, like she does most mornings.  But today was different.

Today Sage went to the garbage can, got out a half eaten cup of yogurt and splattered it, threw it, spread it all over the house.  

Oh my carpet.

I cringed inside.

So I threw the yogurt back in the garbage can and proceeded to clean brand. new. carpet.

Once I was done and feeling really proud of myself for not losing my cool, I got up, went to put the rag in laundry, and found Sage with the yogurt cup again.  

I. was. not. happy.
I was ANGRY.

What should I do? Should I spank all the skin off her hide..ooh I wanted to.  

But I spared my child's behind, placed her in her crib..screaming..and left.  I then cleaned up the rest of the yogurt and sat on the couch to re-gather my thoughts.  

Oh dear carpet..I hope you're ok.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

3 Months in the Making.

Lately we've been busy.  And I mean super busy.  In the past three months, we've packed up our apartment, moved, unpacked, lived, packed up our rental house, moved, and are now in the process of unpacking/living/getting settled again.  

I'm tired. Really tired.

Thankfully, I have an amazing sleeper who has slept 11-12 hours every night for the past 3 months.  Except last night.  I tell ya, being up every two hours is killer.  How did I survive the newborn stage?

So, anyways, here are our last three months.  In photos.  Photo overload ahead.  Proceed with caution.

Looked out the window half naked.

Climbed Ladders.

Played with our cheeks.
And sticks.

Went swimming in Sun Valley.

Ate cheerios. (Well attempted to at least.)

Went to the Moon.  (i.e. Craters of the Moon).

Saw cracks and crevices.

And caves and big holes in the ground.

Played in the mud.

And chewed mom out.

Went to Park City and snuggled.

Came face to face with the cement.

Ate corn on the cob.

Brought our kitties home.

Got bread from new friends.

Discovered this toy wasn't scary. (It only took 9 months.)

And played hide and seek.

It's been a great 3 months.  I hope yours has been as good as ours.  And we hope your Labor Day weekend is fun fulled and relaxing.  We're off to the State Fair :)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Living Room/Great Room


Master Bath

Master Bath

Sorry the lighting is bad and that there aren't more, I took what I could in the short time we were there.  We move in no later than the end of the month!!