Tuesday, September 2, 2008

School. That's all..

Hopefully you catch my annoyance of school from the title of today's blog. I feel like I'm buried over my head in homework already and it's only been a week. Quinn is the same way. I guess now we're married to school because we hardly find time for each other and when we do we're too tired or grumpy to want to do anything. Only another year though right? I'm writing today mainly for Lacey and KaShayla so that they have something new to read..apparently watching me being hypnotized was getting boring and old :) Speaking of Lacey and KaShayla..I can't view your blogs..are you ever going to invite me? I know one of you has my email address..I'm feeling kind of out of the loop here guys. This weekend we had plans to fix Quinn's mountaineer and I was going to get my car registered in Brigham City. I was on my way home to get Quinn, who was car-less, and what does my car decide to do? Squeal and smoke and break a belt. So now Quinn is still car-less, with no ride home, and I have no AC..in 90 degree weather. As frustrating as it sounds it gets worse..I had gone in earlier that day to get a mystic tan and was reminded not to get wet for the next 3-4 hours...I'm sure you've figured it out by now that while I was in my 90 degree car with no AC I was sweating to death and I sweat off my new mystic tan...So it's back to being white again. Oh well, it could have been worse, right? Anyways, the weekend got better when we went to Rupert and got fresh veggies from Ed and Alpha and we dug up some potatoes of our own. The food and the company were definite comforts for my added stress and the weekend turned out to be a success after all.

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Lacey said...

thanks for the blog. It's refreshing to see something new. I had a bad week last week too! Unfortunetely there is always ups and downs bleh! I actually don't have your e-mail so you need to give it to me. Quinn can log in if you want to use his until I can send you an invite.