Wednesday, August 13, 2008

8 Days

I really can't wait for these next 8 days to pass. It's not that I hate living here, it's just that I miss everything I'm comfortable with and my family, all of whom I'm extremely close with. I'm looking forward to school starting as well as looking forward to finally having a place of our own. We are so grateful to Dave and Erica for being SO kind and letting us stay at their house all summer long, they have been very hospitable and we can't thank them enough for all they have done for us...but..we just want our own place so that we can finally be completely married. For some reason it just seems like we haven't truly experienced what married life can be like while living with other people. It will be nice to have everything be ours, to have it be our home, and to be able to have our own rules of conduct :) It's been a little frustrating trying to find a couch, nightstands, a dresser..etc., so if anyone has any spares lying around you know who needs them! Please don't hesitate to share them :) Tristan's blessing went really well, Quinn did such a wonderful job and gave a beautiful blessing. I, of course, bawled like I do so much of lately. I knew he would do great though because he is great :) I love him so much more than I did just a few short months ago..I can only imagine how much that will grow as the years pass and we get to know each other even better. :)

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