Friday, September 12, 2008

Quinn's Birthday, Babysitting, and a whole lot more!

So Wednesday was Quinn's birthday, the big 27..isn't he old :) Haha, I'm just kidding, he's only 6 1/2 years my senior and he still acts my age! Honey if you're reading this I love you! Anyways I had the whole day planned out..I was going to throw confetti all over the house with hershey kisses and hugs, as well as a few snickers bite size candies too. The whole plan was that Quinn would come home from work at 5 and be surprised but I wouldn't be home..unfortunately he informed me that he would be home from work at 1 while I was still my plan was not going to be much of a surprise anymore. Needless to say, I still confettied the house and he was surprised. Then I gave him a movie that he seemed completely disinterested in..oh poo. I felt terrible. Next on the list of terribleness I had bought a nice little outfit to wear for him when he got broke. Then the cake that I made him was two layered and the top layer slid off because I frosted it too soon. Then it seemed like he wasn't too thrilled with the Wii game I gave him...could this night get any worse! Yes, it can. I had to eat pizza and I hate pizza! Quinn's favorite food is pizza and I wanted his day to be perfect so I ordered pizza...the delivery time was an hour and 20 minutes! So once again he wasn't surprised by dinner when we had to drive to the restaurant to pick it up. All in all the day was a disaster, for me at least. Quinn seemed to enjoy himself completely despite my terrible efforts to make his day perfect! Sorry honey that it wasn't everything I hoped it would be..I hope you enjoyed your day!

On with the week, today I got to babysit Tristan again! Woohoo! I love spending every second I can with him! My mom keeps complaining about how she has no pictures of him so I decided to take a few myself. My camera is terrible so some came out blurry but they're still cute nonetheless. Here are a few of my favorites:

I love this picture..isn't he so fat and rolley polley?

Check out those man boobs! Isn't his grin adorable!

Doesn't he look so lazy right here? Oh I love him :)

School is going much better now that I have figured out the schedule and when each assignment, quiz, and test are. It's still pretty stressful though. I've been trying to find a job on top of all that too and I have been having such a hard time. It's frustrating that we're just married, in school, and poor as dirt and I can't find a job that works with my schedule and pays enough. I guess those are the joys of being married though right? Hopefully this is helping us gain some experience that will help us out later...but right now I don't want to deal with it any longer! Hooray for graduating in a year!

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Jackson's said...

I'm sure Quinn still had a great b-day even with all the problems. I love the pic of you nephew with the remote in his hand chilling back in his easy chair. That's a man for ya.