Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Happiness mixed with boredom

Have you ever wondered if you've found true happiness? I didn't know if I ever would, but I know I have now. In the past 2 months I have become a wife and an aunt and my life couldn't be any better! (Except moving back to Utah). I love my wonderful nephew Tristan, he brings so much joy to my life and I hardly get to see him! What a beautiful ball of joy he is! Quinn is better than I could ask for, he takes care of me just like I need and he's cute on top of it all! I only wish he'd get home from work sooner. I work as a Developmental Technician taking care of a cute little 3 year old boy with autism. I love working with him but I get off of work so early that I have 6 hours to sit at home and wait for Quinn to get here :( But I guess I get things done. Today I did the laundry and cleaned our room and bathroom, but that's boring stuff! I'm just looking forward to the time when we'll be living on our own and be back in Utah. Then I'll be constantly busy and won't have time to do all that boring stuff :)


aunttede_1 said...

so where is a picture of that cute bundle of joy and I'm not talking about Quinn.

Gregg and Lacey said...

I'm glad you guys joined the blog craze. Hopefully you don't have much longer in Boise.