Friday, December 17, 2010

My little pioneer baby.

Some of you may know that Sage got her middle name Elizabeth from a pioneer woman named Elizabeth Jackson. One day in my boredom I was going through Sage's clothes and found this cute bonnet that used to be my mom's. She looked like the cutest little pioneer baby in it. Maybe, just maybe, she was meant to be a pioneer girl after all..she would have been the cutest girl in the wagon train.

one of these days we'll have pictures without spit-up :)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Sage: It's what cute is.

I couldn't resist putting Sage in her bikini so I could get a snapshot of her splashing in the tub! I think it's time we take this kiddo swimming..she LOVES the water almost as much as I love her in this swimsuit.

She does have feet..I promise..I'm just a bad picture taker.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

6 months..REALLY?!

It's been 6 months since this not-so-chubbaroo entered our lives and flipped everything upside-down and into place.

Current stats are as followed:

Weight: 14lbs. 4oz. - 19th percentile
Length: 27 inches - get this..91st percentile! What a long little lizard she be!
Head Circumference: I'm not sure how big her head measures but it jumped from the 1st percentile 2 months ago to the 14th percentile this month! I think her brain has been a growin!

New accomplishments this month:
Rolling Over! - this is where the brain enlargement begins.
Holding her own bottle.
Sprouting teeth. - these still are just sitting there waiting to come through..we have now joined the number of families who have be-friended and now praise teething tablets..they are our best friends..if you ever have questions about how to calm a teething baby, we finally have the answers! Sorry to all the family who had to hear Sage screaming over Thanksgiving when we didn't have the answers.
Playing with the frog toy. - to all of you this means nothing but to Quinn and me it means quite a bit more than that. Since Sage was 3 1/2 months she's been playing in her exersaucer and has never been able to get the frog toy figured out. All you have to do is push down on it's head and balls spin around in it's belly..yup she finally gets it!
Sleeping without a swaddle! - another HUGE accomplishment. We're still working on shortening how long it takes her to fall asleep and how many times I have to go back and give her her Binky but it's coming along rather nicely.

To end I'll leave you with my newest favorite picture of Sage. My friend Jess Peterson took these pictures and we both thought of a baby on a Gerber bottle when we saw this funny face. What a silly kid she is!

Thanks for reading! We love you all and hope you have a Merry Christmas!

Monday, November 29, 2010

What starts as one thing ends as another.

I had every intention of writing this post to relieve all the stress and frustration I've had with Sage this past week but have always tried to steer away from venting about things she does that drive me crazy and try to focus on the positive. So here I sat on my dairy-aire contemplating what to write when I decided to look at my bajillion pictures of Sage. It's amazing how I can be so frustrated with this little human and then look at a picture like the one above and my heart immediately softens.
I find myself crying, not from frustration, but from the pure joy and love I have for my little sugar bean. This picture was taken on my mom's birthday when Sage was 3 days old. I love the perfectness of her skin, the shape of her face, and the peaceful look on her face. I can honestly say I love this little girl more than words can express. Even through the tantrums she throws, the sleepless nights lately, and the inconsolable crying; I Love Her. While my mind is overwhelmed by, "What do you need?", my heart is overwhelmed with an unconditional love that allows me to pace the floors with her, cry for her pain, and do everything in my power to make the hurting and sickness go away.
My mom used to tell me that there was no greater love than the love you have for your child and I never fully got it. I get it now mom. I now know how my mom made it through hell and back with 2 children and still manages to love us every day..because I'd do the same for my Sage and then some.
So what started out as a post of venting has now turned into this whole teary-eyed novel about how much I love my daughter. I think I'll go to bed now on such a good note and remember to read this post tomorrow when I'm about to pull my hair out. :)

Monday, November 22, 2010

who knew...

....that these could cause so much pain and misery?

P.S. These are not my child's teeth..but Sage is sprouting her upper right fang tooth..poor girl.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Miserable Days, Sleepless Nights.

Remember this Sage?...

Because of this..
"cold bug"

If Sage doesn't have your undivided attention, she has been this for the past 3 days..

and so she's sporting this new look..

deemed appropriate by mother and father...

Think anyone would mind if I jumped in their suitcase to Hawaii??

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pictures, new toys and such..

Just a few pictures today. Enjoy!

Playing with the was all mangled and mashed when she got done with I care?..nope!

Sage's newest trick...and favorite toy. She'll bend her body all kinds of awkward to get to the wipes box :)

Think she was pooped?

This picture is mainly for Corrin. See how much she spits up? All that white garb is spit up! day the torture will end!

Sage started out on the blanket facing the opposite direction..somehow she ended up over there and in Love with that {stupid} box.

Friday, November 12, 2010


Have you ever hated one thing more than anything else imaginable? This is how I feel about laundry. I absolutely hate it. I hate washing it, I hate drying it, and I really hate folding it and putting it away..there..I feel better now. Well, sort of. I still have laundry to wash and fold..anyone else feel this way?

Friday, November 5, 2010

5 Months

I can't believe Sage is already 5 months old. I look at her and think to myself, "Where did my baby go?" She's already growing by leaps and bounds which makes me thrilled to see her thriving..but some days I wish she was still that tiny little 2 eyed bundle I brought home from the hospital. So far she's grown 7 1/2 inches and doubled in's her current stats.

Weight: To be determined..later today..when she's not sleeping. It's at least 12 lbs. 5 oz.

Length: 26 1/2 inches.

Bright eyed beauty..she's obviously still kinda sleepy.

This past month Sage has all of a sudden decided she doesn't really like to be rocked to sleep..tear..she just likes to be laid down, fuss for a minute, and put herself to sleep. It makes me sad to think that my cuddlin days are almost over with this sweet little stink. She loves reaching over her shoulders to knock the wipes off the changing table, she loves her exersaucer, and she loves squash.

This month we went to the pumpkin walk and out to dinner afterwards..i'm bummed that I didn't get a picture of her all bundled..but I have one of her all bundled from our walk we went on the other day that will have to do.

To say I have been blessed with an excellent baby would be an understatement. Granted, Sage is very picky with who she goes to and if she doesn't want to be with you she'll let you know..but she naps for 2 hours usually each nap, and she sleeps so good at night. Last night we put her to bed at 10:00 and didn't even hear a peep out of her until 8:45 this morning...she is definitely her mother's daughter when it comes to sleep. She also has decided that she loves food. She'll snarf down 7oz. without even giving it a thought and will eat a jar of food along with it. I love that she's eating so much now..maybe she'll actually get out of the 20th percentile in weight..crossing our fingers for a chubby baby one day :)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Holstein Halloween..MOO!

Cutest little cow you ever did see?...I think so..
Thanks mom for the udder trick or treat bag..we loved it!

This year Quinn and I went to a murder mystery dinner that some of our friends hosted. Quinn's character was a broadway hit Frankenstein and mine was a clairvoyant Gypsy who could speak to the dead. I ended up getting murdered in the end by Hannibal Schecter who wanted my heart..crazy? yes. Fun? Definitely.

Hope you all had a HaPpY HaLLoWeEn!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Recent Happenings

It's been almost 3 weeks since my last post because, lucky us, we got to go out of town for almost 2 weeks! Unfortunately it was because Quinn was on a business trip and I was too chicken to stay home to mom's house we went! We got to see lots of my family..lots of Quinn's family..and lots of friends. What a great way to spend 2 weeks! I'm glad I snagged my camera before we left so I could catch these perfect moments.

Sage loves her exersaucer..however she likes the tags on the toys more than the toys..typical.

Proof that Sage absolutely LOVES sleeping with her feet up.
I'll find her like this when I get up to check on her all hours of the night.

Loving up on Nana. This is getting to be more common..but is still a rare occasion.

However..she loves her puppa.

This is my all grown up sweet nephew Tristan. He is in that terrible two's stage and is always into something he's not supposed to be in. I went to go see what he was in to this time..and this is how I found him. Awe!

Sage looks terrified buuuttt..she loves Tristan whether she wants to admit it or not..and of course he loves her too!

Sage went in for her 4 month checkup and now weighs in at a whopping 12 lbs. 5 oz. This may not seem like that much..but she's doubled in size since birth. I love that I have this petite little girl who still fits loosely into 3 month clothes and is almost 5 months. Many 2 and 3 month olds have already surpassed her in the weight category but I'll take my tiny miss any day. Sage was also given the okay to start eating solids..YAY! Sage has taken to solid foods quickly and absolutely loves eating whenever I pull them out. She will eat 2 full jars of food if I let her..which I'll admit I have..because it makes me and her so happy!
Eating squash..the favorite.

Sage has also started trying to reach some major milestones..but hasn't been very successful..

This is how she sits up..and..

This is how she stands..she's much better at standing if you couldn't tell.

To end I'll leave you with one of my most recent favorites..

This was watching Quinn play the rain. Way to go me for being prepared and dressing her warm..and remembering the umbrella.

Monday, October 4, 2010


Sage with a full belly...

Sage hungry...

Thursday, September 30, 2010


Can you tell I'm behind?

Blog Edits..

If you're reading the blog and things look a little quirky it's because mother duty patient and it will look great soon!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

4 Months

After stalking other blogs for months I've decided to do as they're doing and chart new talents, adventures, etc. of Sage each month..(I'm going to try at least.) So I'm going to start off by copying what my friend Corrin did and show you pictures of each month leading up to month 4. Here we go..

June 2, 2010 - Sage's birthday!
6lbs. 2 oz.
19 in.

A few hours old, this precious little face was all I could look at.

In the days leading up to Sage's first month she was perfect in every possible way. She woke up every 2 hours to be fed and fell back into a dreamlike state very fast. I rarely put her down because all I wanted to do was hold her, smell her, and look at the sweet face of the girl I call my daughter.

First thoughts of Sage:

1. She's not an ugly baby!
2. Where'd that big nose come from?
3. I absolutely 100% love this little girl!

1 Month!
7lbs. 8 oz.
21 in.

Aunt Lacey took this picture at the family reunion at the end of it's not quite 1 month but so cute it can be close enough. Sleeping like the spoiled rotten queen that she is.

One Thing I love about Sage:

1. She doesn't cry to be fed..she grunts and groans. :)

2 months!
9lbs. 11oz.
Sage's blessing day - August 1, 2010. I'm not a big fan of this picture but we were in a big hurry to get the party started! Good thing Sage is always cute and saves the picture from being incredibly awful.

Two Things I love about Sage:

1. Her legs are starting to get a little chub.
2. Her big cheesy grin.

3 Months! (This month warrants 2 cute pictures because I couldn't decide between the two!)
11lbs. 2oz.

Hanging out at grandma Heidi's. Sage LOVES Heidi and Heidi LOVES Sage (but who doesn't?).

Chubbin it up at grandma Connie's. I love how chubby her cheeks look here! Like they say, the camera puts 10 pounds on you..this is true for Sage.

Three things I love about Sage:

1. Her growing hair.
2. Her giggle.
3. Her adorably good looks.

4 months!
not yet sure on the weight and length..we'll find that out on Monday!

Possibly one of my favorite pictures of Sage so far for a few reasons. (1) Her big grin. (2) Her hands intertwined. (3) How un-matched her outfit is and yet she still looks adorable!

Four things Sage loves:

1. Bathtime.
2. Food.
3. Walks.
4. Her exersaucer aka vomiter.

Four things Sage hates:

1. Waiting to be fed.
2. Being growled at.
3. Getting dressed.
4. Did I mention waiting to be fed?

Four things I love about Sage:

1. How patient she ISN'T.
2. How she plays in the bathtub.
3. Her little coos.

There you have it..everything documented up to this current month..hopefully the posting continues! I love you all and hope you all have enjoyed reading this post as much as I've enjoyed taking a trip back to memory lane!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Sage Bebe...

I have to start off this post by explaining the title of today's post. When I was pregnant my two year old nephew always pointed to my belly and said, "bebe?" So when Sage was born and we told him Sage's name he said, "Sage Bebe?" So the nickname has stuck and she is our little Sage Bebe, and oh how we love her!

Sage's Asian grin.

Sage is now grinning at everything! Her favorite activities are bath time, story time, and watching her mobile in her crib. During these activities it is a guarantee that she will be grinning and cooing the whole fact she usually throws a tizzy fit when I take her away from them :)

I'd like to upload some more pictures but blogger won't let me right now...SO...more pictures to come!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Our Little Miss Has Arrived!

Sage Elizabeth Jackson
Born: June 2, 2010

Time: 2:10 PM

I realize that it has been almost 3 weeks since our little Sage graced this world and I am just now posting to our blog. Sorry to everyone for taking so long!

Here's the story..
I woke up on Wednesday morning to my water breaking at 5:30. We got to the hospital and all admitted by 6 and I was out walking by 7. Around 7:30 I was given an IV and started on Pitocen to get my contractions going (I wasn't feeling any). After upping my pitocen 3 times and 3 hours later I was feeling contractions enough to ask for an epidural. Unfortunately my first epidural didn't work and around noon I found myself on the bed with terrible contractions getting a second epidural. This one worked so my nurse decided to see how dilated I was..I was already at a 10! So needless to say, I had to sit and wait for an hour for the epidural to wear off before I could start pushing. Finally Marie, my nurse, told me it was time to start pushing. I pushed about 5 times with her before Dr. Horsley arrived and then I pushed 3 times with him and out she came with dark curly hair and the cutest squeal that I'd ever heard :)

Quinn was the most amazing supportive husband that I could have ever asked for. He was at my side lifting my legs when they needed moved, propping up my head with pillows, and offering me the throw-up tray when I thought I needed it. He let me almost break his finger while squeezing it during a contraction and never said a word. I'm such a lucky woman to have such a great guy to call my husband. He didn't even get white and pass out. He was there at the worst of my pregnancy holding it all together for me. I love him more than he knows and more than I could ever hope to tell him.
Since that wonderful day 3 weeks ago, I find myself without sleep and taking care of the most beautiful little girl every morning at 4 am. I now wear spit-up on my clothes and do laundry every day and I LOVE IT! Being a mom to my little miss is the most wonderful calling the Lord has given me. I am so happy that he trusts me to raise one of his greatest blessings!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

And the countdown begins..

I really do need to get better at this blogging stuff..not that many people even read my blog..but I guess it's a nice way to document the daily adventures we experience.

As of yesterday, I am dilated to a 2 and 70% effaced..only 8 more centimeters until our little Sage is here! I don't know how all of you mothers do it; I am so exhausted, frustrated, and anxious to have her here and not be pregnant anymore! I'm so thankful that my Heavenly Father knows me and understands my pain and frustration..otherwise I don't think Miss Sage would be coming almost 2 weeks early. (If she decides to still wait another 2 weeks after my membranes are stripped I'm going to be a very grumpy mother with a very stubborn child!)

I have recently gotten that mother bird feeling that my friend Katie talked about where I feel like I have to have the ENTIRE house clean before she gets here..unfortunately it's a slow process that I have no motivation to do. I finally got her room all put together today with just a few more decorations to put up. Now all that's left to clean is the rest of the house..hopefully we get a daddy bird to feel the same urge to clean so that I don't have to do it all by myself ;)

Teaching is getting harder now that there are only 5 1/2 days left and my kids are as wild as ever. I find myself on a daily basis, 9 months pregnant, chasing one of my two runners down the halls or outside on the playground. You'd think that all of this running and movement would have put me into labor already. Hopefully these last few days go by fast for all of us so that our summer vacation can get here already :) Summer wishes to you all!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

It's a.....

Just in case anyone who reads our blog doesn't know by now :)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Notice anything new???

Yep, you're right, that's our little one..arriving June 16, 2010! We can hardly wait!

P.S. I need a vacay...what do you think about Hawaii?