Friday, October 3, 2008

Just to catch you up..

Ok, it's been awhile since my last post..but doesn't it always go like that? Nothing has really happened since the last time you heard from me, if you can believe that :) School has just gotten more monotonous, more stressful, and much more boring :) But things seem to be going well, Quinn and I are both doing well in our classes and we can't really complain. This is a picture of us when we very first started dating..oh cute :) Yesterday was our 1 year anniversary from our first date so we re-created it and went and played pool on the same table that we did one year ago. When we got there Quinn's reply was, "So this is where the torture all started." I'm glad to know he loves me and that he cherishes our memories :) It was a fun night though, I really enjoyed myself and I think he did too. He kicked my heiny in pool and won every game - minus the two games that he hit the cue ball and the 8 ball in at the end and I won by default..hooray for me..unfortunately those were the only two games that we didn't bet on. The other games we had bet on who did the laundry and other such things and I lost every I have to do all the laundry and bake him brownies. I've decided I'm never betting on pool again.

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