Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Last week Sage turned 20 months and next week I'll be 20 weeks pregnant. 

Where is the time going? Seriously?

Sage is turning into quite the drama queen and is quite frequently visiting time out.  She throws these awesome mini-tantrums and slams her head into whatever is nearby, in order to get her way of course.  This has resulted in bumps and bruises on her head, my head, and maybe a few dings in some chairs (just kidding.)  

We usually send her to time out when these tantrums occur..but..she LOVES it.  What?  Why would she love time out?  I don't know.  But she runs, or gallops, down the hall laughing and plants her nose in the corner.  Then she comes back just giggling.  It's the cutest and most irritating thing in the world.  

See what I mean?

Time out :)
She also really, and I mean really, loves to draw and color.  She's got amazing pencil/pen/crayon/marker holding skills for a 1 1/2 year old.  It surprises me every time she picks one up how good she holds it.  Awe, see how cute?

This next picture is somewhat of an embarrassment on my part.  Basically, I had to run to the store for something, Quinn was gone, and Sage was already in her pj's for the night.  So I just bundled her up, threw on some boots, a hat and coat and out we went.  I still can't believe I took her out like this.  At least she has no recollection of it..right?

Maybe I should have thrown in these sunglasses to make the outfit complete, eh?

And here is a belly shot.  I feel huge.  This was taken 2 weeks ago at 17 you can imagine how much it has grown since.  Luckily we found out today that there's only one in there..heaven forbid I have two on top of the crazy one I already have...although twins would have been fun ;) 
Oh, and did I mention it's a girl? :) 

I'm thrilled!