Sunday, November 16, 2008

Tribute to my mom :)

Just yesterday I was at my parent's house and my mom got onto my blog and informed me that I don't post enough. Apparently she checks it every day and there is never anything new, so for my mother I have decided to blog about her today and my many wonderful memories with her. Starting with my earliest memories I remember lying in my living room next to my brother and close to my parents bedroom, my mom was tucking us into our sleeping bags and humming us to sleep. It's a song that I have hummed many times to all of the little babies that I have taken care of at times because it was such a soothing song to me and it's something I want to pass on to others like my mother did to me :) The next memories I have are of when I went to all of my mom's chemo treatments with her and just waited in her room while she was pumped with fluids..this was such a sad and hard time for all of us but I was so little I don't remember much of what was going on other than my mommy was sick. I always made her lunch-tuna sandwiches or was all I could make at 5 years old. I loved her so much then and that bond between us has never broken, in fact it has gotten even stronger as we've gotten older. My mom was the best mother to us as we were growing up and she did so much all by herself. She did everything she could to make us happy and give us everything we wanted. Of course there were times I didn't like what she made me do but I truly appreciate everything she did and all of the hard work she did for me and my brother. When I moved away from home it was one of the hardest things I had to do because I didn't want to be separated from my best friend. I made the trip home twice per week only to be with my parents because I couldn't be away from them. I cried myself to sleep for weeks while I tried to adjust to the new living conditions and the changes that were taking place in my life. Eventually I got used to being away from home but still relied on my daily phone calls to my mother, which are still a critical part of my day. I love hearing her voice soothing my bad days, and just to share the good things and the bad things that we are experiencing. She's still my best friend and I will love her forever and ever. I can't imagine my life without my mother and just wanted her to know how much I truly love her for everything she has given me in my life :)

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