Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pictures, new toys and such..

Just a few pictures today. Enjoy!

Playing with the Bread..it was all mangled and mashed when she got done with it..do I care?..nope!

Sage's newest trick...and favorite toy. She'll bend her body all kinds of awkward to get to the wipes box :)

Think she was pooped?

This picture is mainly for Corrin. See how much she spits up? All that white garb is spit up!..one day the torture will end!

Sage started out on the blanket facing the opposite direction..somehow she ended up over there and in Love with that {stupid} box.


Spencer, Corrin, and Adelynn said...

OH. MY. GOSH. THANK YOU!!!! :) That picture seriously made my day. I am so glad I am not the only one tortured endlessly with spit up. Do the veggies stain her clothes? I have stopped giving her so much orange stuff because it end up on my carpet and all over everything else. . . We stick to the neutral fruits :)

Niki & Quinn Jackson said...

At first I just gave up on the orange veggies too but now I just make my own veggies because it's cheaper and they don't stain! If you do buy the veggies though, Shout stain remover does WONDERS for getting out the stains! The only clothes she has stains on are the ones I forgot to Shout!