Sunday, October 24, 2010

Recent Happenings

It's been almost 3 weeks since my last post because, lucky us, we got to go out of town for almost 2 weeks! Unfortunately it was because Quinn was on a business trip and I was too chicken to stay home to mom's house we went! We got to see lots of my family..lots of Quinn's family..and lots of friends. What a great way to spend 2 weeks! I'm glad I snagged my camera before we left so I could catch these perfect moments.

Sage loves her exersaucer..however she likes the tags on the toys more than the toys..typical.

Proof that Sage absolutely LOVES sleeping with her feet up.
I'll find her like this when I get up to check on her all hours of the night.

Loving up on Nana. This is getting to be more common..but is still a rare occasion.

However..she loves her puppa.

This is my all grown up sweet nephew Tristan. He is in that terrible two's stage and is always into something he's not supposed to be in. I went to go see what he was in to this time..and this is how I found him. Awe!

Sage looks terrified buuuttt..she loves Tristan whether she wants to admit it or not..and of course he loves her too!

Sage went in for her 4 month checkup and now weighs in at a whopping 12 lbs. 5 oz. This may not seem like that much..but she's doubled in size since birth. I love that I have this petite little girl who still fits loosely into 3 month clothes and is almost 5 months. Many 2 and 3 month olds have already surpassed her in the weight category but I'll take my tiny miss any day. Sage was also given the okay to start eating solids..YAY! Sage has taken to solid foods quickly and absolutely loves eating whenever I pull them out. She will eat 2 full jars of food if I let her..which I'll admit I have..because it makes me and her so happy!
Eating squash..the favorite.

Sage has also started trying to reach some major milestones..but hasn't been very successful..

This is how she sits up..and..

This is how she stands..she's much better at standing if you couldn't tell.

To end I'll leave you with one of my most recent favorites..

This was watching Quinn play the rain. Way to go me for being prepared and dressing her warm..and remembering the umbrella.

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3 Men and A Wild Women said...

I love it. She is growing up way to fast.