Friday, August 20, 2010

Sage Bebe...

I have to start off this post by explaining the title of today's post. When I was pregnant my two year old nephew always pointed to my belly and said, "bebe?" So when Sage was born and we told him Sage's name he said, "Sage Bebe?" So the nickname has stuck and she is our little Sage Bebe, and oh how we love her!

Sage's Asian grin.

Sage is now grinning at everything! Her favorite activities are bath time, story time, and watching her mobile in her crib. During these activities it is a guarantee that she will be grinning and cooing the whole fact she usually throws a tizzy fit when I take her away from them :)

I'd like to upload some more pictures but blogger won't let me right now...SO...more pictures to come!!


Anonymous said...

She is such a cutie!! I love her smile :)

aunttede_1 said...

Nana loves her too! She is my sweet Sa bebe.