Wednesday, March 30, 2011


5/6ths of a year is Sage's current age.  I like this better than 10 months, for some reason it seems smaller, younger. 

And I need my baby to stay young..not grow up like everyone else does.

And in case you're wondering what 10 months does to you, take a look below.

10 months ago.


This makes me ill.  Please excuse me while I go throw up.


Erin said...

she is so cute! But seriously embrace each age. I loved my little babies but LOVE LOVE LOVE the age of my kids right now. Every stage has absolutely wonderful parts to it (as well as bad parts to it). Enjoy each stage!!

Newbold News said...

I love those cute bottom teeth in that grin of hers. 10 months!! Wow!

Lacey said...

That math had my head hurting. I can't believe she is so big either!