Friday, March 18, 2011


This post is looooong overdue and has been just sitting in my drafts waiting to have pictures attached to it. But since I'm running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to clean the house and keep an eye on my all-too-inquisitive crawler, the pictures haven't even made it to my computer until now.

When I was a kidlet my dad was left home to watch my brother and me and gave us licorice in the absence of my mom. Needless to say she came home to red licorice stains all over least I think that's how the story goes.

So I wanted to do the same and see just how messy the red stuff actually was. Believe me, it's messsssssy. Sage loved it however and I let her eat almost half of a stick. Shame on me I know, but I'm not one of those mothers who doesn't allow her child sweets, and I only listen to the doctors about half of the time when it comes to what to eat and when.

So here is my child covered in the slimy, red, sticky stuff called licorice. Love it.

I'm pretty sure she enjoyed every last bite, what do you think? Happy Friday!

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Spencer, Corrin, and Adelynn said...

I am so loving all these posts lately! Keep them coming!! She is such a doll!!! :)