Thursday, September 22, 2011 you believe in it?

When I was in junior high I remember a hypnotist coming and doing an assembly for us.  I wanted to be chosen to go on stage SO bad, but didn't get the chance.  I vividly remember him putting the whole audience under but he warned us that if we didn't believe in hypnosis it wouldn't work.

Guess what?

It didn't work for me.

However, a few years ago, when Quinn and I were first married, we went to a hypnotist show and guess who got chosen out of the audience to go up?

Yup.  You guessed it.  Yours truly.  And it worked.

So I posted about this right after it happened, when I didn't have any readers. (Do I have readers now?)

If you'd like to watch ME under hypnosis (videos are terrible but still comical) go here.

And leave some comments..because, well, I'm funny and you want to tell me about it.

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