Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Suga Suga Suga Coooookies.

Today has been a great day, and I mean reeeallly great.  Quinn has been gone to Boise for the past two days and rather than be miserable that he's gone, we've really lived it up.  Yesterday we went out to lunch together and went shopping and today we've read books, watched a movie, ate LOTS of treats, and, you guessed it, made sugar cookies.  

It's been so fun watching Sage talk and play lately.  She's really getting animated in the things she says and does and it's hilarious to watch.  She does everything I do and loves to do things with me that I usually wouldn't let her do. 

Like sit on the table and help me make sugar cookies.  It's evident in the pictures that she loved helping me.  Take a look.

Spreading out the flour.

Rollin the dough.

Who doesn't like little fingers in their cookies?

Mmm..don't mind if I do.

She loved the cookie dough..but seriously..who doesn't?

Flour power.

All done mom!

Helping clean up..until....

...She spotted the frosting top.

Because who doesn't love a little frosting?

Or in Sage's case..a LOT of frosting?

Then we got back to cleaning up.

Can you tell which ones Sage helped cut out?

We finished off our cookies with little orange frosting and some reese's pieces.  It's so fun teaching Sage to cook and clean..now if I can just get her to do it all the time.  Then I'll be set. :)

Happy Halloween!


Amanda said...

SOOOOOOO cute!!!

Lauren@ "Happiness is..." said...

HOw fun! I can't wait until Olivia can help me cook or bake! Right now we pretend that she is helping but it will be fun when she really can! So cute!

S.Jackson said...

Love the cookies with the little fingerprints!

Lacey said...

So cute. The ones with the fingerprints are the cutest.