Monday, June 13, 2011

Pretty "fly".

I know this is probably the most biased thing to come out of my mouth, but Sage is seriously the cutest kid on the planet.

"Why?" you ask.

Because of this.

I mean, really, is there anything more adorable than that?

We had our family pictures/Sage's one year pictures taken this weekend at Fotofly.  If you haven't heard of them, seriously, go take a look.  You get pictures like this for dirt cheap and they are AWESOME to work with.  Sage had a blast with our photographer.  Really go check them out, riiiiigggghhhhtt now...ok..after you finish looking through the amazing photos of my adorable family.

Awe.. I love how good looking my baby is.

Now go check em out!


3 Men and A Wild Women said...

Do I get one? Hope so!! she is way adorable!!!

Lacey said...

Super cute. Is it me or does her hair look red in these photos? Jealous!