Monday, April 18, 2011


Quinn and I have been holding off on buying a gate to block our stairs for some time now.  The problem is with our stairs we'd have to buy a gate with a door on it and they cost $40.  Something we think is a complete rip off.  So rather than waste money on a gate that we'd only use for a few months we decided to teach Sage to climb the stairs instead.  The thing is, this girl can climb.  She's been playing at the base of the stairs for a few months now and has finally found the independence and freedom to climb them.  Granted, we still have to hover right behind her because she's still a little tipsy here or there, but the babe is awesomely coordinated, something she didn't inherit from her mother (who falls up the stairs, often.).

And Happy Monday!


Lacey said...

Wow. She is coordinated! I fell up the stairs just a few weeks ago so she didn't get it from me either.

3 Men and A Wild Women said...

She is not big enough to be climbing stairs. She is making me feel REAL old.!!

Jason said...

Super fun!! I love it when you post videos. You should do that more often. Did she fall after you distracted her? What about down the stairs?

Jason said...

By the way that was not Jason.

The Jacksons said...

She did fall down the stairs. Luckily I was there to catch her. And we haven't attempted teaching her to go down the stairs. Her bedroom door is shut all the time though so she can't escape..yet.