Tuesday, January 11, 2011


As I dropped my head to my pillow last night I couldn't fight the feeling of exhaustion that had consumed my entire body. BUT as the minutes and soon hours ticked by I found myself staring at the clock. I clearly remember it saying 12:06am. Just then I started to doze..but was soon awakened by what would normally be cute little babbles, giggles, and the word mama coming through the baby monitor. At this hour they were no longer cute but were the dreaded sounds of Sage in her wide awakeness. kill me.
Off I wandered down the hall and into her room to find her grinning and playing with her toes. Why was she awake I thought. ??? Then it occurred to me, of course, she's sick and teething! Oh how I HATE teething. So down the stairs we went to watch a movie (normally I would have just layed her back down and forced her to sleep..but once Sage is awake, she's awake..for 2 more hours!) So at 2am..I trudged back up the stairs with my now sleepy child..fed her..gave her some tylenol and went back to bed.
4:30. I peel one eye open to look at the clock and then roll out of bed for the not first, but second time since I put Sage back to bed. She'd lost her binky. Plop..back in the mouth..and back to bed I went.
In my naive little mind I thought, "Sage usually sleeps for 10 hours..so technically since she went to bed at 2 she should sleep until noon or so..wrong. At her usual wake up time, 7:30, she was wide awake. Why? I don't know. But today I feel like crap, can't sleep, and right now she's crashed in her crib.

End of story.


Spencer, Corrin, and Adelynn said...

I can't tell you how comforting your story was. :) Ha! Even though Adelynn's not teething yet, there are some nights where she can be wide awake and wake up numerous times for her binki. I feel like a zombie the next day because I get like 1 hour intervals here and there all night. Thanks for sharing the fun story!

Erin said...

Oh how I hate nights like that. Sad they happen more often than I would like them too. I hope you get your rest and sage's teeth come through quick for both of your sakes!

3 Men and A Wild Women said...

Hope her gets feeling better. I can sympathize with you. I had many sleepless nights with the croup. Thats nasty wicked stuff. But the picture makes her look like the angel she is.