Thursday, January 20, 2011


I completely missed marking the little miss's 7th month. With all the chaos of Christmas, my birthday, and New Year's I never got around to here it is in all it's glory..about 7-ish months.

Length: 28 inches

Weight: 15lbs 11oz.

This kiddo really is growing fast and I wish time would just stand still for a moment or two. This past month and a half Sage has developed so many new skills that are bittersweet to think about but thrilling at the same time. She's started talking and can now say mama, dada, once in awhile nana, and pop if she's in the right mood..seriously?..where did my newborn go? She sits up on her own, pulls herself up to her knees, puts her binki in all by herself with her eyes closed, at night. What a BIG girl! We love that she does this because it means less getting up for me when she realizes she's lost it..which means more sleep for momma..which means happier me in the morning!

This is now her new favorite way to sleep..scary I know.

This is definitely going to take some getting used to.

And here is some Christmas -and others- in all its randomness..

Sage has this massive underbite when she's really excited so I nicknamed her bulldog she is with her bulldog look-alike so kindly given to her by uncle Jess.

This was taken when she was 3 months..but I just found it and thought it was post worthy.

And now for some bathtime fun!


This would be the underbite I was talking about earlier..I secretly love it.

You think I like her a little bit?..yep I sure do.

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