Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Lately we've really been trying to get Sage off of her bink because she is getting so attached to it.  So we finally braved bedtime without it and it hasn't been as terrible as I thought it might be.  Except now when she wakes up and I try to calm her down nothing works.  I've tried giving her bink back, I've tried putting her in bed with us, I've tried rocking her, nothing works.
So last night after over  an hour of trying to put her back to sleep I had finally had it.  So what's a mother to do after trying everything?  Sing primary songs of course.
When I was little, "A Child's Prayer" was always my favorite.  As an adult when I have nightmares, or can't sleep, or am stressed, I still find myself singing this song to lull me back to sleep.  Last night, however, as I was singing it to Sage I started to realize how true those words really are.  When I started to sing about how we are His children and how His love is always surrounding us it really struck home to me and I broke down crying.
I don't really know how to put into words the overpowering feeling I had of the Spirit testifying to me that we really are His children and that He really does love us.  My daughters sweet spirit came from Him and He loves her more than I can imagine.
If this is true, that he loves her so much, then it has to be true for each of us too.  We are all His spirit sons and daughters and he truly does loves each and every one of us.
Lately I've been listening to a CD given to me called , "Jesus Christ The Master".  It's a compilation of testimonies of Jesus Christ by our Prophets throughout the ages.  This CD is incredible.  It brings peace to my soul and makes me feel happy and content with my life.  One of the prophets testifies that no matter what our race, color, or heritage, the pedigree of our Spirit can be written on a SINGLE line.  We are children of God and he loves us so much.

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