Monday, May 2, 2011


11 months ago today my babe was born and boy how the time has flown!  I love the age Sage is right now because she is starting to understand what no means and she tantrums every time we say it.  It's hilarious.  If she doesn't get her way she's been known to tantrum, bite, crawl away screaming, or flop on the floor like a fish out of water.  Yup, that's my babe and I love her to death.

Most recently she stands up by herself, walks behind practically everything, eats everything adult {with the exception of formula, which she hates.}, and sleeps like a champ all. night. long.  It's wonderful.  She's wonderful.

She loves her sunglasses, the kitties, the bath, her walking dino, and of course her dad {even though she prefers momma ;)}

Yesterday she made it through all of church with only one cry when she fell down.  She entertained all the ladies in Relief Society as well as the rows in front of us and behind us in Sacrament meeting.  I tell ya, this girl has personality written all over her. 

We're going to get family pictures taken at Fotofly for her birthday and I can't wait.  Until then, my sloppy, blurry, out of focus pictures will have to do. 

This is how we eat binkies at our house.

The many sleeping habits of Sage

This is how we look after our naps.
Being weird.
And a cute one to wrap things up.

Happy Monday!


Spencer, Corrin, and Adelynn said...

I. LOVE. HER!! Period. :)

Lauren@ "Happiness is..." said...

I didn't even know you had a blog! So happy that you commented on mine! She is such a doll!! I have to ask where you got those adorable little baby leg warmers...I want some for Olivia so badly!