Thursday, February 17, 2011


Now that the little miss knows how to sit herself up, we struggle to take naps every day. It's a constant fight between wanting to play and wanting to sleep and all I hear is this..WWAAAHHH! So frustrating. But eventually she does fall asleep. And that is nice.

This last month Sage has learned many new things which include: Crawling, sitting herself up, doing the chinese splits, and chasing after the poor, unforgiving cats. I say unforgiving because once she gets a hold on the poor things, they attack with swats and every now and then little nips. Do I do anything? Nope. She will learn. Eventually.
She now weighs 16lbs. 8oz.
She loves her momma..yes me. :)
She loves reading books.
And she absolutely loves...yogurt.
Happy 8 1/2 months Sage!

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Lacey said...

Our girls are growing too fast!