Monday, January 5, 2009

Thanksgiving, Birthdays, Parties, and Christmas!

So I got looking and the last post was November 16..oops. So I guess I need to bring things up to speed. A lot obviously has happened since November 16, first off Thanksgiving! Mmm Yummy turkey, potatoes, dressing, salads, pies..we had it all of course, like every family! Quinn and I just ate a quick meal at my grandma's with my family and then we sat around and lounged and talked for as long as we possibly could, and then we rushed down to Layton where Quinn's family was meeting..once again there was turkey, ham, potatoes, salads, pies..more food..more fat..more full :) But regardless of feeling more stuffed than the turkey's we had a great day. We got to play dodge ball with Quinn's WHOLE huge family, and then later we played air hockey, ping-pong, and some even played basketball. The party started at 3 and we left at 7..and what a great 4 hours of fun we had! The night ended with a movie at my parent's and then we spent the rest of the weekend with Ed and Alpha putting together puzzles, eating more yummy food, and going to movies!

December birthday! Woot! The day started off great with hugs and kisses from the one I love most..of course that would be Quinn :) Then I was left home alone..ALL be bored. We got an unexpected bill of almost $200 that made me cry and I kept crying because I cherish my birthday and was all alone..needless to say that now I feel like an immature idiot because I had no reason to feel bad :) When Quinn came home I opened a few presents from Quinn..2 games, Killer Bunnies and the Quest for the Magic Carrot..everyone has to play this game! and an electronic Deal or No Deal game because I love the show. Then I got the movie Charly and a gift card for Deseret Book. Later that night we went out to eat at Chili's and then we went and saw 7 Pounds! It was a great day...after Quinn came home :)

Next comes Christmas parties! Overall Quinn and I faired pretty well from both of the parties we went to. We got lots of money's or "tickets" as my little 4 year old cousin calls them, and a cookbook..mostly for my use! The day we had to drive home from Quinn's parents house to make it to my family Christmas party the weather was AWFUL! We went through Pocatello because I-84 was closed! and it was a white out the entire way into Pocatello! What should have taken 1 hour took us 3 hours to make! I cried and cried and told Quinn that I knew we were going to die..but thankfully and with help from up above we made it safely to Pocatello and then safely home!

Christmas was a blast despite the fact that we were snowed in at my parents all day Christmas day and had to drive an extra hour through Pocatello to get to Quinn's parents safely the day after Christmas. We got SO much snow at my parents and at Quinn's! But we had fun opening presents of course and being with family that all of the traveling was worth it. We ended up getting some new clothes, food storage, some games, pillows, a new tent! wahoo!, a dutch oven, and so much more! What fun we had!!

*Note: All of these pictures are courtesy of Lacey's facebook..Thanks Lacey! :)


Lacey said...

Yea, I'm glad you finally updated! I always check it. I've spent a few birthdays alone too and it is so not fun. I mean it's one day a year...can't we all just take it off?

Jackson's said...

Great updates and awesome pictures. We did have some good times didn't we. Hope you have taken good care of that picture. It is a treasure.

Erin said...

Hey Niki, I had no idea you had a blog!!! I found you on my sitemeter on my pettingillspage blog so I just had to snoop and see it. I'll be keeping my eye on you from now on.

Love you girly!
Erin P.

Jackson's said...

hope you are bringing that basket of fruit this year